Air Max 180 UK

One of the finest and most established members of the Nike family, Rei Kawakubo’s Comme Des Garçons imprint dives further into the footwear brand’s many icons; while often donning neutrals to runners and most notably giving the coveted Air Max 180 a hot pink makeover, the institution is now throwing the Air Jordan 1 into biker territory, roughing it up with various metallic embellishments under their Homme Plus line. Taking on two different colorways — one a triple black and the next triple white — both pairs largely let their modifications do the talking; straps, which wrap around the ankle of the shoe, boast rings and silver studs in a form not too unlike that of a double rider jacket while tongues elongate just slightly as if mimicking that of a motorcycle boot. Overlays elsewhere are dyed in their shade of choice, only following theme along the eyelets which swap out for the same shining hardware at both the top and bottom of the lace unit. Grab a detailed look at both right here and epxect to find them in pre-launch quantities at DSM E-Shop and retail locations come September 14th.

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